Steve Richard Photography



The spark for a new idea can arrive from somewhere unexpected. But you need to keep an open mind and allow your eyes to explore the possibilities.


Obscuro is Steve’s second book. This astonishing collection of images takes Steve’s unique artistic philosophy of storytelling with the nude body, into an underwater realm.


The original inspiration for the images in Obscuro came from the back deck of a sailboat in the Bahamas. Fish hovering nearby caught Steve’s eye and instead of taking his camera  underwater, he shot images from the surface. The result were beautiful photos wrapped in illusion.




This began Steve’s desire to craft a technique that would showcase the weightless beauty of the human form beneath the surface, without the appearance of the medium of water.


In order to create these images, I had to find a perfectly controlled environment, replace continuous light sources with strobes, and enable the models to anchor themselves. This would allow me to work on creating the illusion by making small adjustments to body language and the cloths.”


It took Steve almost fifteen years of experimenting before he perfected his technique and was able to create images that matched his original intent and honored his artistic philosophy.


“Learning how to see body line is extremely challenging for any photographer. Directing models to produce it underwater... Even more difficult. In order to bring my vision to life, I built a custom pool in my studio where I could master the technique and create the images you see in Obscuro.”


This beautiful 192 page hardcover book contains 113 images from Steve Richard's Obscuro series.  The book is 10.5˝ x 13˝ and is signed by the photographer. ISBN:978-0-9948415-0-6

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