Steve Richard Photography

Cloud Busting


This work is about creating beauty through the lens of the artist. In order to understand this type of art, you have to step beyond a memorized recipe. This is not about capturing another pretty picture."


Cloud Busting is an incredible collection of black and white photographs that beautifully portray the feminine form. In Steve’s first publication, he introduces audiences to his unique artistic philosophy of storytelling through the nude body.


In these images, variation comes through the play of light and the most discerning of adjustments are made. The lighting and body line are fine tuned to give precision and depth to the photographs. Using his 40-years of experience behind the camera, Steve creates with little to no post production.


I think of the frame as my stage, and the light throughout as musicians in the orchestra. I’m the sound engineer and control the volume of each musician. The entire orchestra has to be in balance.


 In this collection, variation comes in the most subtle of details. The body line sets the tone to establish the foundation of the story, while the contrast between light and dark determines how the story is told. Slight changes to the way a model sits or moves, makes for a powerful change in the end result. 


One of Steve’s core beliefs is that the creation of  powerful imagery should be done with minimal information.


Don’t ever be afraid of the dark. Taking light away is far more effective at creating dimension, shape and story than adding light. Learning to play with lighting is one the building blocks of this art form.


Printed at Zanardi Press in Maniago, Italy, the Cloud Busting book is 128 pages with 73 duotone images.   The book is 13" X 11" and is signed by the photographer. ISBN:978-1-934491-27-0

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