Steve Richard Photography



“It’s easy to be creative and take a photograph of a beautiful thing.

What’s difficult is creating a beautiful photograph.”


Steve Richard’s mantra on creativity serves as the foundation for all of his work. Over his 40-year career, he's mastered a technique that combines lighting, the language of anonymity, and body line to tell a complete story through powerful, limited-edition images.


The photographs in Aerial feature aerial performers suspended in moments of beauty and power. The athletes are positioned in the air, repeating the same move hundreds of times. A single photo can take days to master. In between takes, subtle adjustments are deliberately made until the image is perfectly created.


“I consider myself to be more of a sculptor or illusionist than a photographer. Because of this, I create all of my images in camera, with little to no post production.”


The result is some of the most exceptional photographs Steve has ever created. The images in Aerial appear to defy the laws of physics and accomplish the impossibleOver 90% of the images in Aerial are reserved for the book and have never been released publicly.



Aerial is an amazing 192 page hardcover book with 128 images from Steve Richard’s Aerial series.  The book is 10.5" x 13" and is signed by the photographer. ISBN 978-0-9948415-1-3


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