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Master Class 


Professional and Artistic Growth

Three part masterclass course set. Featuring "Photographer as an Artist," "The Art of Lighting," and "Studio Lighting Technologies and Techniques."

A Pre-Raphaelite Style Community 

Join internationally renowned fine art photographer and instructor Steve Richard in a supportive learning community inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites, the oft controversial group that popularized a theatrically romantic style, marked by great beauty, an intricate realism, and a fondness for Arthurian and Greek legend. 




At the heart of this program is the art of lighting.

Steve is a master of studio lighting and his method to creating perfectly balanced scenes is unique. His very focused approach to lighting results in having a final image instantly, in camera, without a need for any post-production. 


See with an Artist's Eye. 

“I think of the frame as my stage and the light throughout the frame are musicians in the orchestra. I’m the sound engineer and control the volume of each musician."

When any instrument is too loud it draws away from the performance. When any instrument is not loud enough it doesn’t add to the performance. The entire orchestra have to be in balance.


Find Your Voice.

"If you allow yourself to stumble and fall enough, your voice will find you."

Your artistic voice already exists with you. It's the sum total of your experience, taste, and perspective, locked under layers fears and misgivings. 

Uncovered and  understood it guides your art  with clarity and purpose beyond what you might imagine possible. 




“It is easy to take a photograph of a beautiful thing, what is difficult is creating a beautiful photograph.”

Steve relies heavily on anonymity and body language to tell stories with his incredibly powerful world-class images. In a live demonstration, Steve will share his crafted approach of working with models to create powerful images within a very simple framework. Move beyond documenting beauty: create beauty.


Create Powerful Images.

This program centers on the use of the nude body as a subject in order to emphasize the techniques of creating powerful images with minimal information.  Once you have been introduced to these foundations it is easy to transfer what you have learned to create unique and powerful images in any other genre of photography.


Get Behind the Camera. 

Work and learn one-on-one with Steve in the space where most of his iconic work has been created. An amazing opportunity and an exceptional way to take a giant leap forward in your journey as an artist.

One-on-one workshop includes private access to the studio and a range of lighting equipment (including Steve’s 12 foot x 12 foot soft light source – the Renaissance Light).  The typical workshop day lasts about nine hours and more than half of this time is spent working with an exceptional fine art model in a range of studio lighting environments and sets.  

Members enjoy a special rate, an enhanced experience, and other perks.  



“It is far better to say so much with so little than to say so little with so much.”

Steve’s work is strongly influenced by ballet and dance in general, hence he believes that a perfect line is crucial to creating a strong story. Learning how to see body line is extremely challenging; directing models to produce it, is even harder. Steve will show you how to recognize elements of perfect line and share tips on how to achieve it with any subject.



Membership Features

  • The complete Master Class Course Set 

  • New valuable content released every month

  • Go behind the camera and behind the scene   

  • Image deconstruction and critiques 

  • Conversations with inspirational artists & photographers

  • Office hours: upload your images and questions

  • Exclusive opportunities to attend live workshops 

  • Member only print sales and discounts

  • First look at 1 of 1 limited edition prints