Large Light Sources Part 3

Today I thought I would share what my new large light source looks like when used to light the subject from the side.  Much of my work uses very soft side lighting combined with multiple other sources and flags (SIFOTLs) to add shape and mood.    The only difference with today’s example compared to most of my other work is that this source is much larger and creates a softer or more gradual shadow edge transfer.  I find this looks very much like the window light that many painters would have used to create their work and this is why I usually refer to this setup as the Renaissance light. 

For this session only one light source was used.   Three black 8’ x 8’ V-flats were placed in front of the light to give some shape and to eliminate most of the spill from the background.  One of the V-flats was placed to allow a little light to spill on the back wall at the top left hand corner of the frame to help show the smoke direction.    One large white reflector, placed far away from the subject, was used to add a little covert light to shape the back of the body.   I love the way this simple beautiful light creates such a strong foundation for subtle stories and moments. 

The other amazing thing I love about this type of light source is the variations I can achieve by making slight adjustments to the subject placement with reference to the light, but more about this at another time.

In my next post I hope to have a behind the scenes video to share showing the process of using the Renaissance light source for the Aerial series.