Seeing Red 6


"What would my father think? That was the first thing that ran through my mind when I started to consider modelling nude.

I remember this distinctly, I hadn't told anyone but my partner and I was on my way. I went in alongside another model and ended up enjoying every moment of it. It was so freeing and so expressive without any crux.

I was thrilled with the images that were produced and it grew into quite the hobby. 

At the time, TFP or Trade For Print was still commonplace and I remember getting my first nude print. My father picked me up from a set and I asked him sheepishly if he would like to see it. He said yes. I took it out of the bag and showed him. He stared for a minute and then proceeded to tell me that it was a beautiful image and that I should be proud because he was. He said he was pleasantly surprised and that it was very artistic. 

I spent a large majority of my modeling days posing for Fine Art Nudes and was lucky enough to be published several times.

A few years passed and my life evolved. I was pregnant and my body was changing. Could I still model? Would people accept it? What did it matter? The latter was the most important. As long as I was happy with the images produced, why would it matter what others think. I was pleasantly surprised after shooting a couple of sets with my extra bump to find that people found it very empowering. This was inspiring to me. Even still, the journey with my body change was difficult and another hurdle was still to come. What would my son think? How could he have a mommy who takes off her clothes? And not only is she comfortable taking off her clothing (where most people hide) but she would let people photograph it.

Eventually I realized that I did not want my son to be raised to think that this was wrong. If my father was able to accept it, and I loved it, I was going to raise my son in a loving and accepting environment where he could appreciate it as well. 

Three generations of appreciation for something so beautiful, so freeing and so wonderful. "

Text © Karen Murdock