Seeing Red 5

“The challenge that comes with modeling nude (particularly for Steve) is that there is little to nothing to set the atmosphere. No fancy hair or makeup, no wardrobe, no detailed sets, nothing to tell you what the scene is about. There may be ballet slippers, a stool, silks, or a table, but nothing to really explain what’s happening. It all comes down to the model and the 640-850 muscles in their body. It’s their fist or their back turned to you or their hunch or their strong upright posture that will tell you what is going on.

So what does modeling nude mean to me: it means I need to coordinate every part of my body to tell the same story, and then make it beautiful under Steve’s lighting. I’m not a spiritual person by any means, so it’s nothing to do with my soul or anything of that nature. I started modeling nude a year ago but it has completely changed the way I model and the way I see myself. I am a huge perfectionist now. The photographer will say, “oh, that’s a good one,” and I’ll say, “no, not yet,” and then I’ll tweak it until every part of it makes perfect sense. I have some very high standards set for myself but it has truly transformed how I model, and I love seeing the improvement.

Modeling nude has given me self awareness.”

Text © Ellen