Seeing Red 4

"In a hyper sexualized society, it's easy to feel like your body doesn't measure up or isn't fitting for what's ‘acceptable’. Working with Steve, at anytime, never leaves me feeling inadequate or that I'm lacking in some way. I love the fact that I am confident enough with myself and my body to model for fine art nude and also tap into my creative side. I struggle with creativity whether it be writing, painting or art journaling but being able to take part in nude modelling and creating such images, I feel like I have been apart of something unique and artistic. It inspires me and gives motivation.

I have always been a strong advocate for body positivity and women's rights. Women have great strength and it's important to promote that message in all its forms. Both Steve and I felt this image really demonstrated strength. This, particularly, is what I like about artistic nudes; it's simply the body in its most raw form and the pose telling the story. Working on such projects has given me comfort in my own skin and the confidence to celebrate what is my own body with its beauty and presence as I evolve.  

I always feel very honoured to work with Steve (and his assistants). I am especially honoured to have presence in this particular project and be able to add my voice to this story. A celebration of body positivity and acceptance is always a beautiful message."

Text © Megan Thompson