Seeing Red 3

"Far too often people live their lives feeling insecure or shy about their bodies, as if it's wrong to celebrate or show the most natural part of life. The human body is more than just an object that's meant to be sexualized, and picked apart. Acceptance of your body is so important, and seems to be something that is far and few between in this day and age with all the surrounding pressure.

Contrary to societies expected norms, It's okay to feel comfortable with your body in its natural state, without it being portrayed as inappropriate or suggestive. Your body is beautiful, and it is yours. I believe it is time to embrace your body for everything it is, as it is the only one you will ever have.

That being said, these are the reasons pertaining to me taking advantage of my body as it is, as it should be, by partaking in this project. My body is beautiful because I accept it as a natural form of life, of my life- not as something to be objectified from societies ideas of what a naked body insinuates. After all, we're only human."

text © Chelsea Rae