Seeing Red 1

"It's rare that I get an opportunity to pose for a photograph with only my own image in mind. My own pose, my own hair, my ownership. When I shoot, and especially when I shoot with Steve, I'm looking to help create a story where the subject remains anonymous; we aim for the emotion, not the person.

Negating the person creates a vessel in which the viewer can inject their own reality, their own story. Often the narrative is highly sexualized. This isn't always the case, but when I had this opportunity to share a challenging perspective, I seized it.

I am demisexual. For those who aren't familiar, that means that I do not experience sexual attraction without deep emotional bonding. Being a woman of this persuasion, in this sexually charged culture, means posing nude is a conflict. My pushed hip, highlighted curves, accented by flowing reds and feminine locks, is a conflict. 

I own this body. I adore its femininity in every sense. I dress it and undress it every day. I made this to express that love. I am, by nature of my birth, a woman. But I am, also by that nature, not sexual. This is my challenge to the viewer: A stereotypical feminine form, devoid of that interest. Diffuse the conflict.

It was an honour, as always. to work with Steve Richard on this project, and I thank him for giving me a voice. This series is sure to give some very valuable and unique insights within this industry. It is my hope that we can all start challenging our answers to the question, "why is my body beautiful?" "

text © Elizabeth Macmichael